Beware of Retail Mark Ups When Buying Your Eyeglasses


Did you know that the markup on eyeglasses frames alone can reach up to 100%? No wonder there is a growing number of people wearing eyeglasses who have shifted to making their purchases of eyewear and eyeglasses' accessories online!

If you plan to change your eyeglasses into an adjustable glasses, make it a point that you look for the countless options available in the online stores. You will be surprised that you can obtain a discount of about 600 % in total if you do it online.


Reasons for the High Retail Markups

Although opticians try to explain that such high retail markups can be attributed to the fact that the optical stores in the malls, stores, or shops have to pay their rents, unlike on the Internet, they do not have to pay for any fees. What is more, the overhead for the online optical shops is very minimal considering there are no qualified and professional opticians or staff to employ and, of course, pay salaries to.


Is Buying Glasses Online A Better Option These Days?

What is more, there are no utility bills to pay such as the electricity and phone bills. The optical shops pass on all their overhead expenses to no less than their customers, of course.  That is why it truly becomes a lot more practical to buy your glasses online instead of physically going to the malls' optical shops.


The Advantages

Buying your eyeglasses online can be beneficial for you. For one, you can buy a set of single vision glasses for only $25 or even less, and the best thing about it is you will even get some free tints, lens coating, and even the shipping all for free. In any event, you decide to repeat your orders (that is, as you buy again from the same online store); you will automatically get a 15% discount which is indeed a big difference when you buy in the optical shops.

But then again, you must also consider that if you buy your glasses online, it will not be all roses and honey for you. Yes, there is always the convenience of shopping online. You can even compare prices before finally deciding to buy without dressing up and physically going to the optical shops. What's more, you can browse through the various designs, sizes, styles, materials of frames, lenses about which could be most appealing to you. No Online Retailer is offering instant refine searches and virtual mirror to try eyeglasses.


The Disadvantages

There is no optician to check on your vision requirements and determine which could be the right fit of the frame for you. Countless choices make it even more difficult to choose without an optician to guide you.  You will have to base your choice of colors and tints for both the lens and the frames on the photos online, which most of the time can be of poor quality. Often, the online stores will even advise you to check out the right size frame for you through a store visit. This defeats the purpose of why you are buying your glasses online in the first place.

But if you look at the price difference, you will say you'd instead buy your eyeglasses online!